Well, my sickness from last weekend only got worse as the week progressed and I spent another weekend at home on my couch. Being sick is the pits. I do believe I am on the mend now and will hopefully be able to sleep through the night without a coughing fit at some point. Sigh.

FullSizeRender (98)

I did, however, get to work on some cross-stitch projects while watching the Olympics. Speaking of, I watched the entire Women’s Field Hockey game on Saturday and was very surprised by how much the rules have changed since I played on the no cut Freshman team way back when! They can now raise their sticks above their hips (which seems so strange) and the game is split into quarters, not halves. Anyway, I enjoyed it immensely and the USA won (they finished last in 2012–America must be like the public school team of field hockey) against defending world champs Argentina.

I’m looking forward to rooting for Team USA for the next two weeks (or at least week until track and field starts and suddenly all the winners train in the US and go to US schools but are on other teams).

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