I got back from St. Louis last Sunday very late. And the rest of the week was just a blur of annoyances and thinking about being back in St. Louis. I had a wonderful time visiting and going to Susie’s bridal shower and holding the wee babes. The babies are so sweet and did not cry when I held them. So major win for all of us.

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I did enjoy this weekend (though it was a quick one) and spent a solid five hours working on a new cross-stitch project while watching The Simpsons and the Hallmark Movies & Mystery Channel. I put my boots away and got out my sandals and scored a major find at TJ Maxx in the ‘burbs (100th & Columbus). Tonight, I’m going to try to go to an Anne Lamott reading and then will catch the end of Dancing with the Stars. As always, I am trying to focus on finding joy in small things and not worrying too much about the big picture.


I’m off to St. Louis early tomorrow morning to celebrate my dear sister’s bridal shower. And to gab and drink some wine and hopefully do some toodling around in my mother’s Mini Cooper. FullSizeRender (49)

Plus, I’ll get to see and hold my sweet, sweet niece and nephew. Ideally, I won’t make them cry just by looking at them–which is an effect I’ve been known to have on babies. It is a quick trip–but much needed.


Maybe it was my annoying neighbor’s dueling sound from next door, but last night’s season premiere of my favorite reality dancing competition, Dancing with the Stars, just did nothing for me. Actually, though my neighbor is incredibly annoying, it was the usual inconsistent judging that frustrated me. And the endless commercials. And Erin Andrews. WHY DO I LIKE THIS SHOW?!?!


The professional bull rider was cute. I wish the baseball player wasn’t a former CUB and RED SOX catcher (especially since they are clearly determined to have him make it pretty far since he’s the first baseball player ever and they clearly want more). Simone is destined to win. I love that one contestant is an actual former Beyonce backup dancer [EYEROLL EMOJI]. And another one is in an all-girl Destiny’s Child wannabe group. Poor Nancy Kerrigan is paired with Artem–can’t wait until the package where we see him make her cry–he always makes his partners cry. The Bachelor needs to go home soon–but probably has some sick fanbase. I could go on and on–I didn’t even mention the EIGHTS the judges gave to the football player. Or Chris Kattan’s hurtfully low scores that were totally unnecessary given everyone else’s overly high scores. See, I’m annoyed.


When I’ve just run 13.1 miles.


Yes, I ran the New York City Half Marathon yesterday. I was irresponsible and did not train well–which made the first 10 miles fun–and the last 3.1 rather tortuous. That being said, it was a fun course–we looped Central Park (and started at the bottom of my least favorite hill) and then exited the park at 59th and ran down 7th Avenue through Times Square (which was very cool, had a big crowd, and felt festive), and then over to the West Side Highway where the torture began. It was all the way down the highway for about 4 miles until we reached Battery Park and ran through a tunnel (no thank you) and up into the sunshine (shadows) of Wall Street. Thankfully, I had two friends who cheered for me in Central Park and met me at the finish line and shepherded me onto the subway and to brunch.


I ventured up north to the Hudson Valley this weekend with my friends Jenn and Susan. We rose early on Saturday and met at the rental car place and then drove to Hyde Park, New York  where we tourist-ed up the town. We saw the Vanderbilt Mansion (the smallest of Vanderbilt mansions, it only had 54 rooms) and we saw the FDR house and Presidential Museum & Library. I greatly enjoyed seeing some “great” houses–but I do always find it sad when people with such riches make none of the design choices I would make if I had the same money. And anyone who idolizes Marie Antoinette needs to get a grip (I’m looking at you, Mrs. Vanderbilt). It was brrr freezing cold–but very beautiful nonetheless.


It was such a treat to get out of the city (without having to travel to the airport) and I’m so glad we went adventuring.


I got back from beautiful Key West late Sunday night (hence no Monday post). I had a delightful time visiting the southernmost tip of the continental United States. The weather was divine–warm enough to sunbathe and float in the pool, but cool enough to not work up a sweat when walking. As someone who grew up in the midwest, I cannot help but exclaim “Look! The ocean!” when I see it–ha, but really.


I also visited Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home. While I was not impressed with the museum elements, I found the house itself just lovely. I’m a sucker for old Florida palm trees and big porches and pineapples. Just perfect.

Had I had a day or two more, I would have done more sightseeing–but since I was there for Peter’s Big Gay Bachelor Party, I enjoyed the pool and restaurant/bar scene. We went on a sunset sail–that was almost done in by some ominous storms out at sea. We drank many margaritas, ate many fish tacos (maybe just me),  and had lots of fun. You can see more pics on my instagram.


I’m typing this before dashing off to the airport (again) for a weekend trip to Key West to celebrate my dear friend Peter’s birthday and bachelor party. It could potentially be a wild weekend. But, I’m hoping to keep it pretty tame. I’m excited for some sunshine and palm trees and a trip to this house. xo.


And a couple of real estate items I gathered around the internet this week:

–I found this article and slideshow very interesting.

–Could this apartment/loft be anymore Gwyneth Paltrow?!

–And OMG I want to live on this street.