I got back from St. Louis last Sunday very late. And the rest of the week was just a blur of annoyances and thinking about being back in St. Louis. I had a wonderful time visiting and going to Susie’s bridal shower and holding the wee babes. The babies are so sweet and did not cry when I held them. So major win for all of us.

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I did enjoy this weekend (though it was a quick one) and spent a solid five hours working on a new cross-stitch project while watching The Simpsons and the Hallmark Movies & Mystery Channel. I put my boots away and got out my sandals and scored a major find at TJ Maxx in the ‘burbs (100th & Columbus). Tonight, I’m going to try to go to an Anne Lamott reading and then will catch the end of Dancing with the Stars. As always, I am trying to focus on finding joy in small things and not worrying too much about the big picture.


I got back from beautiful Key West late Sunday night (hence no Monday post). I had a delightful time visiting the southernmost tip of the continental United States. The weather was divine–warm enough to sunbathe and float in the pool, but cool enough to not work up a sweat when walking. As someone who grew up in the midwest, I cannot help but exclaim “Look! The ocean!” when I see it–ha, but really.


I also visited Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home. While I was not impressed with the museum elements, I found the house itself just lovely. I’m a sucker for old Florida palm trees and big porches and pineapples. Just perfect.

Had I had a day or two more, I would have done more sightseeing–but since I was there for Peter’s Big Gay Bachelor Party, I enjoyed the pool and restaurant/bar scene. We went on a sunset sail–that was almost done in by some ominous storms out at sea. We drank many margaritas, ate many fish tacos (maybe just me),  and had lots of fun. You can see more pics on my instagram.



Don’t you just love this image? I lifted it from the New York Times. The article, ironically, is about mindfulness. I say ironically because the New York Times has the opposite effect on me. I’m working on my mindfulness by giving up Twitter and Facebook for awhile. I need fewer triggers in my life.

Thus, my new Friday series is going focus on things that bring me great joy during the week. So here goes Week 1:

–I’ve started making a green smoothie each morning and drinking it on the bus–I feel very basic but I don’t really mind

–I also discovered the Alec Baldwin radio show podcast on WNYC and it is the best for listening to while torturing running on the treadmill

–I reread I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron this week and, of course, enjoyed it–especially when she writes about my beloved UWS

–My mother sent this article to my sister and me earlier this week and I just about died laughing–my favorite is Julia’s takedown of the woman who called Suzanne fat–I need to channel my inner Julia Sugarbaker on the daily


I first discovered Mary Richards and the Mary Tyler Moore Show on ‘Mary Mondays’ on old school Nick-at-Night. Like many girls/women/ladies who watched that show, Mary became a sort of idol. She was so nice and pretty and hardworking. And unlike news producers often portrayed on television today, she wasn’t cutthroat and overtly sexy. Mary was a lady. And the men in her office still respected her. Imagine that. When I (finally) got promoted to Associate Producer at Nightline my mother said, “Just like the Mary Tyler Moore Show!” And when I got sent to Minneapolis for work, I got up super early to pay homage at the Mary Tyler Moore statue. I blinked in my photo and wore an embarrassing outfit because I am, much to my chagrin and despite my best efforts, really more of a Rhoda.


Anyway, I toasted my original homegirl, Mary Richards (and Mary Tyler Moore) tonight–and tomorrow, I’ll try to turn the world on with my smile.



I watched Charade on Saturday night–and boy what a treat! The style in that movie is so great–from the mod opening credits to Audrey’s costume to Paris and Cary Grant’s costumes. Of course, the plot is thrilling too–even when you’ve seen it many times.



Well, when you’ve got all the money in the world, you really can pick some nice fabric and wallpaper. I saw this spread in this month’s House Beautiful and loved the bright colors and the mix of patterns. It’s still a bit much for my taste–but there are a few nice touches. You can see the full slideshow here.







We’ve gotta just focus on the positive and maintain our happy thoughts, this week (and always). And you know what makes me happy? BUTTER PAT DISHES. fullsizerender-17

This was the last spread in this month’s Martha Stewart Living and then they shared it on Instagram because BUTTER PAT DISHES ARE THE BEST. Anyway, I have several in my apartment (they are very New York-sized) and they bring me great joy.


I gotta tell you–I’m very excited that it is Friday. It has been a relatively busy week. I’m starting a new workout regime because 2017 is full of wonderful things that require photographs that will be around forever. I am, needless to say, moving like an old lady, today. But, it really just adds to my persona.


And some internet faves from this week:

I’ll take it!

–An interesting list.

Spirit animal.

–An oldie, but a goodie.

–I’ll take one of each, please.