I’ve mentioned before that I love to screen capture instagrams that amuse me and then go back and look through them days later to find one to post on this ol’ blog. Well, I was originally going with something from this account–but then I saw the below and I laughed out loud. It was really a light guffaw.


These are my basic requirements for clothing, you know?

Anyway, I’m back in New York and still getting adjusted. I’ve got plans every night for like four days (which is WAY too many) and I went to the personal trainer at 6a yesterday and can’t move today, so it’s a slow process. But, my trip home was lovely and Susie said yes to the dress and the Mississippi River is awesome and my mother is the best.


I’m heading home to St. Louis this afternoon–and please let’s just all prayer hands emoji that there isn’t a rainstorm somewhere in the continental United States to deter my travel. I’ll be off the grid–but check me out on instagram (my stories will be very entertaining). Major props to Bobby D on the Nobel Prize in Literature. And this cartoon sums up my life quite nicely these days. xo.fullsizerender-12


I accomplished something long on my “New York To Do” list. I went to Mood (the designer fabric store featured prominently on Project Runway). The whole experience reminded me of the time my friend Liz and I were the biggest dorks ever (the year was 2008) and staked out the Project Runway fashion show in Bryant Park and saw our faves and Nina Garcia and then stalked Tim Gunn for a day. Anyway, I’ve stitched a lot of Christmas ornaments lately and I need to finish them–but finding trim and fabric is so difficult when one’s hobbies are those of old ladies. I decided to combine my love of Project Runway and my need for fabric/trim with one trip to the garment district on a Saturday morning. Well, as is expected, the store was hopping–and really, it is a designer fabric store, so I didn’t really find what I needed. I got a little trim but I still need some basic red backing! I did see some absolutely lovely fabric that would make divine pillows. But my tiny apartment does not need anymore pillows! Why is life so hard?!



I gotta tell you–I’m very excited that it is Friday. It has been a relatively busy week. I’m starting a new workout regime because 2017 is full of wonderful things that require photographs that will be around forever. I am, needless to say, moving like an old lady, today. But, it really just adds to my persona.


And some internet faves from this week:

I’ll take it!

–An interesting list.

Spirit animal.

–An oldie, but a goodie.

–I’ll take one of each, please.


In my continued quest to make use of my normal human schedule, last night I went to the In the Company of Women book release event. I’ve read Design Sponge for years and I’m always happy to see a panel of women talking about how to be successful. Plus, I got a tote bag. Anyway, what struck me most is the notion of “just doing it”–if you want something, you have to go get it. Obviously, we know this, but it is helpful to be reminded. I was also intrigued by the notion of surrounding oneself with positive people who support you. Now, the idea of positivity is a bit of a sore spot for me because people LOVE to tell me that I’m negative. I’m not a negative person. I’m a realistic person. And there is a difference. But my interpretation of this context is the idea of surrounding yourself with friends and co-workers who are positive about you–they recognize your worth and support you. Maybe someday, I’ll find a place like this–or create one. But for now, goals.