I had a whirlwind of a weekend! I skipped out of work early on Friday (!) and caught the train to College Park, MD (well, New Carrollton) and Susie picked me up. Susie’s fiance made margaritas (we had two rounds, so it got pretty lit) and fajitas and we gabbed until late in the night.

Saturday morning, Susie and Nate kindly drove me to Alexandria, Virginia where I met some friends for a lovely day celebrating Hallie’s birthday. We took the water taxi (our boat was named Miss Mallory) to Georgetown in DC for lunch. I’d never taken a boat tour of the Potomac and it was quite fun and a lovely view of the monuments etc. It was quelle hot, but the breeze was nice.

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We lounged in Hallie’s rooftop pool (!) and drank margaritas in the afternoon. Seriously, it was a very relaxing day. Then we gorged on pizza and gabbed some more. It was just lovely.

On Sunday, I caught the DC Metro back to College Park–I crossed state lines and District lines–where Susie and I toodled around some suburbs before lounging in her apartment for more talking. I had the loveliest time seeing old friends and hanging with my dear sister. And now I’m back in New York and the temperature has dropped!


I am so happy that Friday has finally (finally) arrived. I’m off to Maryland this evening to see Susie and Nate. And then I’m heading to Virginia to see some friends for a birthday. I haven’t left the city all summer (thanks, Southwest Airlines) so I’m very excited to get out! Also, you haven’t lived if you haven’t watched this video from the Olympics.

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Last night, the UWS was treated to a big old thunderstorm. Of course, then my internet stopped working (thankfully, the cable continued unabashed so that I didn’t miss any Olympics/commercials). I called Time Warner and followed the instructions of the robot who answered (these included “please write these down so you are sure to follow them correctly”). When this didn’t bring the internet back, I spoke to someone in India who informed me that a technician would need to come and could be there tomorrow between 11-12p. Naturally, I told her that I have a FULL-TIME JOB and couldn’t be home then. This conversation continued for several minutes until she transferred me to someone else who sighed a lot when I explained that I was unavailable from 9-5 ALL DAYS OF THE WORK WEEK (and I snarkily pointed out that I couldn’t even email my boss about coming in late because I had no internet). No conclusion was reached and I said I would call back today to schedule an appointment to get the internet back.

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I woke up this morning and the internet mysteriously seems to have returned to my apartment, so I’m chalking this one up to the praise hands emoji and just letting my hands rest in that position all day.


I didn’t prepare a post for today because I was out last night (at a WGA event with a panel talking about the Fox/Paramount production of Grease! Live!–the panel was hosted by Lin Manuel Miranda and was actually interesting). In lieu of rooms, I’ve got some stories.

–my metro card was empty this morning and the BUS DRIVER WOULD NOT LET ME RIDE THE BUS. She literally re-opened the door and told me to get off. I then had to walk to the subway (the only place where you can re-fill your card for some silly reason) and take the subterranean sweat train to work.

–the guy who played “Danny” was on the panel last night–and Jenny and I couldn’t help but think that he looks like Colin Jost‘s cuter older brother. He also told extremely lame stories–after one, Jenny and I looked at each other and simultaneously said “Cool story, bro” which I guess you’re doing now about this. Sigh.


–I will say that the only bonus to not taking the bus to work is that you exit the dank underworld of the subway and see this image, which is pretty great.


Well, as predicted, I didn’t do much this weekend. After braving what was foretold to be a huge storm (but turned out to be a light rain) to make a dinner reservation on Friday, I spent the remainder of the weekend avoiding the heat. I ran errands and bought some pretty flowers (see below) but mostly I watched TV and tidied. The usual.


I’ve got some fun things planned in the weeks ahead as we begin the slow push to Fall and the quick push to the end of the year!


Well, I’ve about maxed out on NBC coverage of the Olympics. Too many commercials. And too many swimming preliminaries. I had one of those moments this morning where I realized I needed a haircut or I was going to lose it–so, I made an appointment and got it cut after work and feel like a whole new woman! This is a nice feeling. As you can see by the below screen capture, it’s going to be HOT, HOT, HOT all weekend. Barf vom. 

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A few things from the internet:

–Check out this UES home that sold for only $32 million.  

–How cute is everything in this Target line. I know it is for children, but if my girl Jamie Mears can decorate with a few items from the kids department, so can I.

–I’m not cool enough for this store.