Hello from September! On instagram and the interwebs, people are mourning the end of summer. Well, as someone who didn’t enjoy beach weekends and instagrammng from a porch with a mug of coffee somewhere, I am ready for fall.

And you know what else this means, right? It’s my birthday month!! Now, normally I do not celebrate myself for a whole month–but this year, I’ve managed to extend the festivities for about two weeks. And as we get ready to enter those two weeks, here’s a recap from a pretty okay weekend.

Saturday was the big 3-0 for my dear friend Liz. To celebrate, we pampered ourselves with manicures and a trip to Dry Bar. Her boyfriend planned a surprise party–so let’s just say, I did some Oscar-worthy acting throughout.

photo 1

photo 2

On Sunday, I hunkered down at home with some Project Runway and bad rom coms. We had a very satisfying thunderstorm in the afternoon–with several jump-inducing claps of thunder.

photo 3

I rode the tram to Roosevelt Island (braved, is more like it) to run a 5K on Labor Day. It was very hot. And I was very gross. Afterwards, Hallie and I accidentally ordered enough food to feed a small army.

photo 4

And then I went to work–where the air conditioning was mysteriously not working on our floor and everyone was very cranky in the control room.

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