Well, I survived the snow, somehow. I’m so tired of people complaining about the weather. Spring is on the horizon–but like, March isn’t INSTANT SPRING. And in no time, people will be complaining about how HOT and miserable everything is. [END RANT] Okay, but for reals, I’m happy it is Friday (as always) and this week wasn’t too miserable. Well, it might have been, but I’ve already successfully blocked it from my memory. And now I just have to get through one more work day and then it is on to the weekend.

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And here are some things I found interesting on the interwebs this week:

–Some of these are kind of dated, but I’m totally going to start noting floorcore.

–This is super depressing. But not unexpected.

–I did not do as well on this as you’d imagine.

–And DUH.


Well, here we are on Monday again. I had a busy weekend (for me). I had lunch/brunch with my cousin Ellen at Jacob’s Pickles on the Upper West Side. I do love introducing visitors to the loveliness of being uptown. After stuffing ourselves, I met my friend Liz for manicures and then we went to happy hour. It was a very New York day.


And on Sunday, it snowed and everything was pretty and quiet.


I had the most delightfully quiet weekend. Seriously, the only person I spoke to was my mother–and that was on the telephone. I ran 5 miles. I went to a barre class. I stayed inside and dusted. I drank a lot of wine. I also stood in line at Whole Foods for over 20 minutes because I was trying to be efficient. But you know, c’est la vie.

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I had a lovely weekend. I ran a very cold and frozen 5K on Saturday morning. And then met up with my dear friend Jenny and her BF for dinner in Tribeca before heading to a party at a bar on the very tip of Manhattan. We practically told the cab driver to take us wear the road ends. For me, it is always funny to be downtown because it just feels so foreign. The UWS feels uncool enough for me. But man, I get off the train at Franklin and I’m like Dorothy in Oz. Anyway, it was a lovely time.


On Sunday evening, as is becoming a troubling ritual, my neighbor decided to hold jam band practice in his apartment for nearly 4 hours. I gave up on the Grammys after an hour out of boredom and because it was too much dueling music. Blerg. Also, if you didn’t read this yesterday, you should read it now. So, so great.


If we’re being overly dramatic about this standard-issue winter weather (as everyone seems to be), it’s an arctic blast outside. But, really, it is just cold, dreary February business. As always, I’m keeping things low-key (or minimalist as is more trendy) this weekend. I am running a quick little 5k in Riverside Park on Saturday morning (hope I’m not at work super late tonight!) which should be fun and will get my day started nice and early.


And, as is my new Friday tradition, here are some things that might be interesting.

This whole business is crazy to me.

I will take this house and add some nice things.

I laughed so hard when I read this.

And I may get out the baking supplies and make these, this weekend.


I only watched half of the Super Bowl last night. I would have been happy if both teams had somehow lost. The commercials I was able to see over the party din didn’t seem that great. I left when the third quarter started and got home just as the snow began. Major Eh all around.

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I did have a lovely weekend, though. On Saturday, I ran 5 miles and tidied my apartment. I met my friend Jenn for a latenight snack and drink at the UWS Meatball Shop. I ordered an ice cream sandwich and she had one meatball. We felt a tad ridiculous placing our order. But it’s always nice to catch up with a friend–especially on the UWS.


Well, it is Monday again. And a blizzard is about to descend upon Manhattan. I braved the grocery store and stocked up on my necessities–chips, wheat thins etc. I stopped at the wine store and got a bottle of wine. My apartment is like an oven, so the window that opens is open. And I’ll probably have to walk home tonight just as the storm hits. So, I’m pretty much prepared.

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My weekend was pretty quiet and restorative, though. I lounged and caught up on TV and magazines. I watched The Theory of Everything (which I enjoyed) and Guardians of the Galaxy (which didn’t seem that great to me–I felt like I was watching someone else play a video game for two hours). I went to church on Sunday where the gospel was about making the Disciples fishers of men. I couldn’t help but think of the Christian Rock phase my brother and I went through in the late 90s/early 2000s and this little ditty. I especially appreciate, as always, the person who put together that video to accompany the song. People are so special.


I’m back from my weekend upstate near Saugerties, New York with my lovely friends. We ventured north to celebrate our friend Kate’s engagement and upcoming nuptials. But really, as is usually the case, it was an excuse to see all of our friends and drink a. lot. of wine. So yes, we ate, we drank, we gabbed, we dance partied, we watched movies, we did a little hiking in the woods, and we ventured to the Saugerties Lighthouse where we braved the cold and frozen Hudson River for some spectacular views.







It was super rainy and extra gross on Saturday–so I spent the day tidying and puttering around my tiny apartment. Then, I met my dear friend Kinga and her husband for dinner and a margarita before heading to the Nightline Holiday Party. One of our anchors was kind enough to host the party at her UWS home–and it was so dreamy to be in an apartment that was so big it didn’t feel like an apartment. The view of the reservoir in Central Park was ridiculous (despite the rain). And four lovely ladies (including moi) wore festive red dresses. Everyone else wore black.