Well the weekend is over. And unlike most Americans, I don’t have a short week ahead. I dream of the day when I don’t complain on this blog about working holidays. Someday I won’t be that person. In the meantime, I spent this weekend meeting my friend Jenny’s kitten, Rufus. His name used to be Kevin. He was quickly renamed. And after kitten playtime, Jenny, Kate, and I had afternoon wine in Brooklyn. Where they serve fried grapes with cheese.

And then went to see Twilight. Well, Jenny abstained. And it was just as bad as I hoped. There was audible laughter from many theater patrons. But tell me. I don’t remember heads popping off in earlier movies. Is this a new thing? And seriously.

On Sunday, I went to a craft fair in Williamsburg. Isn’t that view awesome? And that banner? It was truly a hipster paradise. And several of you, dear readers, are getting pretty hipster Christmas gifts.


  1. This is a great post! I so love the Craft Fair sign–my mother would totally approve! And, gee whiz, a kitten AND afternoon wine? Followed by a vampire movie–your life is AWESome!

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