I write this on Sunday night, and it is hard to believe that I woke up in Indiana in an extra-long twin bed in a dorm room, this morning. I brushed my teeth in a communal bathroom. The campus looked beautiful–the grass so green, the trees so plentiful, the party tent so festive. My return to Greencastle this weekend was just lovely.

I will say, though, that Facebook has totally changed the way Reunions work. Everyone already knew everything about everyone else. And we all knew who was fat. Who was engaged. Who was married. And we were offended if someone acted as if they didn’t know anything about us. Maybe that was just me.

Most of the 2007ers stayed in Hogate Hall. Or the Hoghetto as we called it as students. It has not been updated in at least 9 years. And the bathrooms. Are shocking.

It felt so normal to be at Rockhouse (or whatever they call it now). It also felt so normal to wait 20 minutes so that I didn’t have to walk home to my dorm alone–even though I walk 20 blocks alone EVERY NIGHT in Manhattan.

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