I dropped my work phone on the sidewalk and it totally shattered into a million little pieces. Well, just the screen. It still functions. But, now I’m stuck with this gross broken phone and I’m bummed.

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UPDATE: I know you have all been worried–luckily, I was able to get a loaner phone from work while my broken phone is fixed. PHEW.


This week at work, I’ve had some rather tiresome tasks to complete. Tiresome in the sense that they really just feel like homework. Scheduling etc. With this homework mindset in place, I decided to listen to music as if I were in the library at DePauw writing a paper. And let me tell you, The Lumineers Pandora station has completely changed my outlook regarding boring, scheduling, expenses-related tasks.

Everything is So. Much. More. Tolerable. With a soundtrack! And don’t you just want a Lion to guard your apartment building?

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