I imagine that those who are cool and popular have weekends like I had every weekend. But, being only moderately cool and kind of popular, I only have them once in awhile. But I had a very nice and very busy weekend. And I didn’t even go clubbing! I slept through my first scheduled activity (sorry, Adam!) because of my terrible job, but made it to Brooklyn for brunch with my lovely friends Jenny, Kate and Emily (in from out of town). Naturally, we wore basically the same outfit.


While we drank iced coffees and waited for our table, two little girls (and their parents) walked by–and the littlest girl realized her new life goal was to be just like us. She stopped and stared and we waved hello. And then we made small talk and answered her questions like “Why do you guys have the same shoes on?” and “Are you going to a party?” It was quelle humorous.

And then we ate brunch and gabbed. And ventured to Manhattan for a little Little League playoff action. We did not see Ed Burns (I know you wondered). Later, I saw 22 Jump Street in a movie theater with RECLINERS. It was the best movie going experience ever (and not just because Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill). I brought wine juice boxes–which really ups the Jump Street game. And, like the last time, I felt like Ned Flanders at a Chris Rock show.


Sunday, I met some Kirkwood peeps for brunch in the neighborhood. I learned that Kirkwood alum Colin Donnell (of Arrow fame) is playing the male lead in Violet on broadway. It’s always amazing to me when people’s dreams of being on broadway actually COME TRUE.

Anyway, my tiny air conditioner is blasting in my tiny apartment and for once I feel ready to face Monday. I hope you do, too!


Alas, Monday again. I don’t mean to be such a downer about Mondays–but these past few weeks have been busy and full of long hours–and I don’t see this feeling ending any time soon. The good news is that I did have a lovely weekend–and there are always weekends on the horizon.

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I ran a 5K on Saturday with my friend Hallie. We ran all the way around Roosevelt Island. It’s a funny little island–a lot of unattractive buildings–but the view of Manhattan was nice. I enjoyed see the city from a new angle. After the 5K, Hallie and I walked across a bridge and had brunch in Queens. Running is not something that comes naturally to me–so I was pretty proud of myself for running the whole way. Woot. Woot.


But, I did have a lovely weekend. The weather was divine–just perfect for a picnic in Central Park. I had brunch in a drizzly Brooklyn. And I found a love note from a secret admirer outside my apartment building.

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And sorry for being MIA last week–I had a series of very long, long work days and just couldn’t summon the strength to update!


My lovely friend Jenny’s birthday was this weekend. She had her party at a bar in Brooklyn where she has, as she told me, “turned many ages–although 30 is the oldest.” Funnily enough, we had to congregate in this upstairs area that felt like a treehouse because there was a BAT MITVAH happening in the basement. Those kids were way cooler than I ever hope to be.

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On Sunday, because Jenny’s boyfriend coaches a little league team, we all travelled downtown to watch a game. Obviously, these plans were made when we thought the sun would be shining and a cool breeze would blow. Instead, it was rainy and gross. But the Pilots won. And we had Shake Shack after. And then I watched The OC.


On Friday, I returned home and found a lovely package from my mother outside my door. Inside, I found name-brand toilet paper (yes, things are so expensive in New York, I started buying cheapo toilet paper), funny CDs left at her office (including a Regis CD and a Mary-Kate and Ashley CD), candy treats, and a blue willow dish. What could be better?

On Sunday, Jenny and I met at Central Park early (seriously, my eyes haven’t seen the 8a hour in a long time) to cheer on Kate as she ran a half-marathon. We failed to spot each other–Kate was probably distracted by the high five station and the less-than-exuberant high fiver–but reunited at the finish line. I’m so proud of her!