Well, I had a lovely weekend planned. But then I woke on Friday night with food poisoning or some horrible stomach bug and had to cancel all of my plans. Boo hiss to the max. I did get some serious lounging in, though. The best part of the weekend was seeing these guys go up in the neighborhood:

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I had a nice little weekend. On Saturday, I managed to be the first DePauw person at the DePauw-Wabash Monon Bell watch. I really just can’t. I learned such fun facts like–DPU has not been in the LEAD during the Monon Bell game for 6 years. Well, we lost. But, it was nice to see everyone.

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On Sunday, I went to the Renegade Craft Fair–I’ve gone for the past several years–it is usually in Brooklyn. This year, it was in Manhattan (conveniently located) and had corporate sponsors. There’s something about a craft named Renegade with corporate sponsors that doens’t quite sit right with me, but whatevs. It was very crowded and the exhibitors were mostly the same as previous years. There are only so many hipster prints I can give my siblings. But! The team from Martha Stewarts was screen printing tote bags, so of course, I waited in line for one.

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This weekend went too quickly. I woke up early (for me) on Saturday and trekked down to Columbus Circle (I call this walk my warm-up) to do a barre class. I like barre classes–they are an unusual form of punishment–but I always feel like I get a workout. So I did that.

I met my dear friend Hallie for dinner in Soho and then we met our friend Liz and her bf and his friends on the lower east side. The LES is not really my scene. As evidence, I present the entrance to the bar where we met them:

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Here, they only serve alcohol in TEACUPS and the beers come in brown bags.

Next, we went to an arcade. I played one round of Simpsons Pinball. I think my hair looks pretty.

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The whole time I felt like the Asian kid in School of Rock (sidenote: someone made this youtube video). I am not cool enough for the LES. And nor do I care to be.

Sunday, I had a DePauw event to attend in TIMES SQUARE. My friend Jenny and I went together because we were promised afternoon wine on the invitation. Once there, we discovered there was no wine.

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After that nightmare, we headed to the village to meet our friend Kate for some actual wine. But first we pitstopped at Culture to have some froyo. It was a lovely treat.

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Oh, and I watched The Neighbors–it was disgusting. Clearly, the funny parts in the preview were the funny parts–and the only suitable moments for television.


I had a lovely weekend. Saturday, I slept in and then ran some errands. I met my dear friend Kate for some afternoon wine and cheese in the sunshine. Quelle divine and treat. The waitress at the table next to ours managed to drop a bottle of Prosecco while trying to open it and caused quite a ruckus and a bubbly explosion. The europeans who ordered said Prosecco were not gracious about this accident.

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But we enjoyed ourselves. While walking home, I could hear the noise from some concert in Central Park–but not being cool or hip enough to be clued in to whatever was happening a mere one block from my apartment, I didn’t realize I missed this. Darn.

Sunday, I went to a barre class where I was tortured for an hour and worried that I might actually throw up. Seriously, those arm exercises are just killer. I expect the extreme soreness to kick in right around the time work gets annoying tonight. After that, and looking like a pretty picutre (not), I ventured downtown to meet my friend Hallie for a little sushi in the Gramercy Park area.

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It is so pretty and quiet down there. We sat outside and had a lovely time. I stopped at West Elm and used my birthday coupon to buy a frame for a super cool picture and a tray for my bathroom (to get rid of the plastic basket).

I also watched Awakenings (sob) and Ghostbusters 2 this weekend. From the sublime to the ridiculous, as they say.


Well, this has been quite the week. Especially late nights at work, staffing issues like woah, eye doctor appointments, and yesterday, it rained! I had to get out the rainboots! But, now, it is Friday–and while I’m sure work will be a special level of hell–I am excited to take it relatively easy this weekend. I’ve got some quiet plans. And my mother sent Awakenings on DVD–so I’ll watch that on Saturday and cry a lot. It’ll be nice.

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Hello from September! On instagram and the interwebs, people are mourning the end of summer. Well, as someone who didn’t enjoy beach weekends and instagrammng from a porch with a mug of coffee somewhere, I am ready for fall.

And you know what else this means, right? It’s my birthday month!! Now, normally I do not celebrate myself for a whole month–but this year, I’ve managed to extend the festivities for about two weeks. And as we get ready to enter those two weeks, here’s a recap from a pretty okay weekend.

Saturday was the big 3-0 for my dear friend Liz. To celebrate, we pampered ourselves with manicures and a trip to Dry Bar. Her boyfriend planned a surprise party–so let’s just say, I did some Oscar-worthy acting throughout.

photo 1

photo 2

On Sunday, I hunkered down at home with some Project Runway and bad rom coms. We had a very satisfying thunderstorm in the afternoon–with several jump-inducing claps of thunder.

photo 3

I rode the tram to Roosevelt Island (braved, is more like it) to run a 5K on Labor Day. It was very hot. And I was very gross. Afterwards, Hallie and I accidentally ordered enough food to feed a small army.

photo 4

And then I went to work–where the air conditioning was mysteriously not working on our floor and everyone was very cranky in the control room.


A brief break, mind you, to traverse state lines to attend the wedding of a lovely co-worker of mine near the Pennsylvania border. Seriously, the wedding was in Pennsylvania and the reception in New York. Crossing state lines!

photo (71)

I told the bride, Kinga, that I kept expecting to see movie stars around–because she looked like one!

My phone decided it was too full to take pictures at the reception but know that it was lovely. There were mountains in the backdrop and lots of lush greenery. There was a photo booth. Kinga used to be a competitive ballroom dancer and, as such, her old dancing partners were there. One of them wanted to dance with me and I was all “I only know what I learned in Cotillion–and learned and know are loose terms.” And then he threw me around the dance floor and suddenly I got how they do it on Dancing with the Stars. It was crazy.

And then on Sunday, back in Manhattan, while carrying home my McDonalds to cure my hangover, I ran into a former co-worker who now lives in Miami. Because, of course, in a city of 8 million people, that happens.


Over on my mother’s blog, she posted a PSA about TCM celebrating Audrey Hepburn Day. Of course, I encourage you set your DVR–if it can handle it. I assume your DVR is already set for the EVERY.SIMPSONS.EVER marathon on FXX. Yes, that’s right. FXX is airing every episode of the Simpsons in chronological order for the next 10 days. Mr. Burns covers it nicely.

mr burns

I’m off to a wedding this weekend in upstate New York so I hope my DVR doesn’t implode. I’m particularly looking forward to seasons 5-7.


I DVR’d Aladdin this weekend–thanks to the Disney Channel for airing it COMMERCIAL-FREE! It is really amazing how the lines and songs in that movie come back to you–I found myself singing along and saying the phrases that became part of the Compton Family Lexicon.


Anywho, Robin Williams will be greatly missed. And watch this lovely Nightline spot about the animators who worked with him on Aladdin.