The hardest part about coming back from a lovely vacation is returning to one’s routine. There’s the inevitable last week I was doing such and such thinking and the sadness that accompanies that. And when the weather decides to drop a tiny amount of snow, just enough to make everything pretty for a second before turning brown, it can be especially difficult. To combat these blues, I focused on putting my new things in their new places and organizing my planner. I’m thinking about what changes I want to make to my apartment this year (and by changes I really mean purchases). And, of course, I traipsed, in the snow-ish weather, across the avenues to get my eyebrows done.

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I know it has been ages since I last posted. But let me tell you, as usual, I was beleaguered by work. And then at home in St. Louis doing all of things I listed in my previous post. No really. My mother took me to do ALL OF THE THINGS. You can read her interpretation of the trip here.

After picking me up at the airport (one of my most favorite things is to be picked up and not have to deal with getting myself home), and a quick stop at her office (where we saw this), we went straight to Steak N Shake. I had a shake, naturally.

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And then, before even heading home, we went to the zoo. Where we rode the zoo train. And saw many animals.

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On Friday, I slept in and caught up on some YA literature. It was glorious. And then we made time for margaritas. Duh!

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We also made a trip to the local Dierbergs where we got a cart full of treats that can only be categorized as #midwestproblems. And I learned the hard way that there is such a thing as MINI BEERS. Why? And what a cruel discovery to make upon your return home.

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And then we enjoyed said treats as we watched the Cardinals win the Pennant!

On Saturday, we went to the new outlet mall which was built in the middle of a cornfield. I failed to document said trip! I was too busy soaking up all the stores being in one place.

On Sunday, we ventured to Grant’s Farm–a place that is much more fun as an adult. Again, we saw lots of animals–but this time we got free beers and giant pretzels. The weather was perfect and sunny and just right for a long sit in the beer garden. Also, Lauren fed the goats.

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On my last day, my mother and I ventured downtown to have lunch at Osage, a very Brooklyn restaurant. We had identical meals–a brie-LT (it was as good as it sounds) and cleared our plates. We then walked off our lunches at the Botanical Garden. Someone thought it would be a good idea to turn the fountain red in solidarity with the home team–but it mostly ended up looking like someone got murdered in the fountain.

And then we watched Dancing with the Stars which ended up being totally lame and toyed with our heartstrings.

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So, thanks to my wonderful mother for a delightful trip home and indulging me in all the ways. I wish I hadn’t had to return to the mean streets of New York City! And also to my father for making at least one trip to the grocery store for more wine. In his slippers.


This week was truly one of those weeks. One of those weeks where everyone and everything annoyed me. The kind where you just find yourself enraged by having to do your job. (And everyone else’s). I was frustrated.

But then this alert popped up on my phone yesterday. And suddenly the burden didn’t feel that great.

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I’m off to Florida with two friends for a few days. I’m sure I’ll instagram. And then put those photos on this blog.


Well, I am back from a truly lovely vacation. A week in the sun, by the pool, feeling the ocean waves, can do wonders for the soul. A week with one’s family, joking, talking (a lot), and being annoyed by the same things ALSO does wonders for the soul.

The scenery was unreal.


We feasted and drank a lot. It was vacation. And I only had ONE basket of fries.


Gasparilla Island is a bit like a jaunt back in time. Carefully manicured landscaping everywhere. Golf carts as legitimate means of transportation. Some of them even look like a Rolls Royce. I mean, I think I need one.


We spent an evening at the historic Gasparilla Inn, which was practically perfect in every way. The wallpaper, divine. Florida decor at its best. I couldn’t make myself take a pic in the dining room, because you know, I have some shame. But still, just imagine palm trees and bamboo.


But the best part was seeing my mother and sister and the undivided attention we gave each other for 7 straight days.






It occurred to me this week that I have taken ONE, ONE DAY off since Christmas. That is crazy. Well, friends, tomorrow, I’m jetting off to Florida with my dear sister and our parents (our cool mom and old man father). We last went 5 years ago–Susie is still as tall and thin as she was in this photo–but dear God, what was I wearing?!


Anyway, I don’t think I’ll post much while I”m gone. I’m taking a vacation from all the things I do in my daily life. Except Instagram. I’m sure I’ll be on instagram.