It has been quite the week. And I have quite the weekend planned. And a quick trip to DC next week. So, with that in mind, I offer some links (I have a lot because I didn’t do a Friday post, last week).


–I was way harsh about the cast this season, but the past weren’t much better.

–Looking at the real estate section is always a mistake, but I’ll take it! Also, isn’t that Tay Tay’s building?

This is why I have a cable.

–I want a good suburban Target in my life.

–And finally, which are you? I got Tina, but I’d rather be an Amy.


Another Friday, another week mercifully coming to a close. It’s all good, though. I’m going to see my cousin Ellen this weekend. We’re going to Jacob’s Pickles–which is reason for celebration on its own. I’m hoping to get some deep cleaning in and maybe do some purging in the clothing department. Clearly, I lead an exciting life.


And here are some this and that treats:

–I like Chan’s house. I hope they have a good interior designer.

–Hi diddly ho, neighborino.

–I would say, Step 1 is having an apartment big enough to invite people over.

–And because one Simpsons reference is never enough, I got Hans Moleman.


Both my mother and sister had blog posts with this title yesterday and since I live to be just like them, I’m doing it, too. I woke to find no hot water in my apartment so dry shampoo it is. Sigh and a half, man. I don’t like it when New York is already winning and I’m not even dressed. Anyway and as always, I’m very happy it is Friday–although I have no weekend plans. Perhaps, I’ll make some dip and watch the Super Bowl alone. Actually, that sounds nice.

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And here are some interesting things I came across this week.

I don’t have any of these. THANK GOODNESS.

I’ll take Rosie O’Donnell’s Greenwich Village Penthouse. And completely redecorate it.

Could you do this? I might give it a whirl.