I was just totally whelmed by last night’s Oscars broadcast–yes, Ellen was amusing. But as usual, the whole thing is just like a big party and celebration for people that annoy me. So blech.

Anyway, I watched Guys and Dolls this weekend. And that, my friends, is a fine movie. I have, of course, a soft spot for the musical because my brother played Benny Southstreet not once, but twice in the middle school and high school productions. I didn’t get to see him in high school because I was away at college–but the middle school production was a keeper.

And once, although my mother doesn’t seem to remember this, in the fifth grade, my friend Molly and I lip synched to ‘Sit Down Your Rockin’ the Boat’ in the elementary school lip synch contest. Everyone else went the TLC and Salt n Peppa route–but no, Molly and I chose show tunes. Foreshadowing much?


Of all the Oscar movies I’ve seen this year, I have to say, Inside Llewyn Davis is my favorite. It fits in nicely with this year’s crop–a movie with an unlikeable main character who does not change throughout the movie. This being a Coen Brothers movie, though, the rambling man character is not as offensive. 1960s New York is not overdone–and does not feel like it was done purely as Oscar bait. There’s an orange tabby cat. And a Bobby D glimpse at the end. Of course, what really sets this movie apart, though, is the soundtrack–a little T Bone Burnett will do wonders for a film.


This weekend went too quickly. And the excitement of the Oscars on Sunday night just made my usually quiet and restorative Sunday evening rather intense. Between the Oscar party I attended and the constant group texting with my mother and sister, I did very little relaxing.


I didn’t really enjoy the broadcast that much–like most things it has become too big of a deal. And I didn’t win the office pool. But I did bring onion dip to the party and it did get eaten.