There was a nice breeze blowing this morning and a little sunshine, so I took a walk around the reservoir in Central Park. I like this walk–it is shady–and long–and the gravel under my feed makes a nice sound. Today, the with the sun shining, the water gently lapping, and seagulls cawing overhead, it almost felt like I wasn’t in Manhattan. I mean, until I looked up and all all of the skyscrapers in the distance.

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I’ve been saying for a quite awhile, “someday when I get promoted, I’m going to get [FILL IN THE BLANK}.” Well, you guys, it finally happened. I got promoted. And with my new job title, and pay increase, I went out this weekend, armed with my credit card, and finally bought a coffee table. And had it delivered that afternoon. I felt tres grown up.

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And let me tell you, it is quite a treat having a SURFACE on which to eat, and place things. No longer will have to perilously balance my plates of food while cutting. No longer will my stacks of magazines reside on the floor. And boy does my apartment feel like it is all coming together. Finally. And doesn’t it look nice?


We had a good old-fashioned, Midwest-style thunderstorm in NYC on Saturday. Oh man. I was so happy–so happy that for once I could just sit on my bed and enjoy the thunder and lightning and dark, dark clouds. I was safe and dry–unlike the silly people I could see below dashing around on the sidewalk. And I had a stack of magazines to read, too. I also saw The Great Gatsby–which left me feeling overstimulated, in a bad way.

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And then Sunday dawned bright and not-at-all-cloudy and I ventured to Williamsburg where it was sunny and warm and full of hipsters. And then I had to take the L back to the city where I accidentally exited the subway and had to swipe again to take the C uptown to the lovely Upper West Side. That was annoying. But it was delightful weekend.


This morning, my dear friend Kate and I hopped on the subway and rode all the way to 190th Street. When we emerged from the only elevator with an attendant in the NYC Subway System, we found ourselves in a sleepy little area. It was so quiet up in the 190s. And as we traversed towards the Cloisters, we found ourselves looking south to the George Washington Bridge. “Where are we?” we kept asking.






As you can see, we saw lots of Medieval art. And I highly recommend the Cloisters–it is a peaceful and quiet break from the chaos of the rest of Manhattan. I’ll definitely be back in the spring! And after our adventure, we had lunch at Cafe Lalo (as seen in You’ve Got Mail).