After two very social weekends, I decided to take it easy. I made no plans. And despite the beautiful weather, didn’t really move that much from my apartment. I went to Zabar’s on Saturday and picked up some treats–cheese and french bread. It was hopping–and felt a bit like this (although I did not erroneously pick a cash only line.)

I went to church on Sunday–where I was punished for not attending in recent weeks because I did not know it was CONFIRMATION SUNDAY. Seriously, why does this happen to me? Luckily, there were only 5 confirmands–but one of the bishop’s stooges was there (I guess 5 confirmands doesn’t warrant a full visit) and he carried his staff and the poor acolytes didn’t know what to do with it.

The most exciting thing I did was stop in at the Strand–I found this great American Songbook among the bargain books. I think my mom has one. It has this great artwork in it–and if you ever need to know the words to old timey songs, I’ve got the book!

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I stumbled across this interesting article in Elle Decor (or on their website, rather) that listed 10 things everyone should have in their apartment before they turn 30. As my 30th birthday looms on the not-so-distant horizon, here’s a look at what I have in my apartment.

Here’s the list:

1) Art that you love. I’ve got this covered.


2) Organized bookshelf. This is an obvious one for me.


3) Matching towels. I have these–but my bathroom isn’t terribly photogenic.

4) A plant. I purchased one today! Let’s how long it lasts.


5) A nice headboard and mattress. I have a bed from Ikea–but I did buy a mattress last year! And they couldn’t fit the box spring up the stairs. So, not quite there yet. But on my way!

6) A collection. Duh. Blue and white china.



7) Bathroom accessories that aren’t plastic. I’m not there yet–quelle embarrassing.

8) Favorite candle. I love candles–so, yes, this is covered.


9) Two bedside tables. I’m amending this to ONE because I live in a studio apartment in New York City. Covered.

10) A luxurious throw. I have a pretty throw–but I don’t know that I’d classify it as luxurious. I’ll add that to my list.


So, I’m not in bad shape–but I think it is good to take stock of what you have–and to think about bigger purchases for the future. Or what to ask for for your birthday. Ahem.


Looking out my window, it is just cloud of white. It’s not big, wet, chunky snow–more like cold, biting snow. I can tell. But I’m okay with it. I know that when I leave work tonight, the city will be blanketed. And when it wears a blanket of snow, it is quiet. And peaceful. And it looks tidy.

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Of course, the prettiness fades away quickly–but that’s okay.


And I don’t have a fire. But I do have my pretty tree. And my new rug. Unfortunately, I do have places to go, but I still say, ‘Let it snow!’

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Last night, after a particularly ghastly night at work (I say that like I was doing surgery or something–well, now that I think about it, I did do surgery, just on television sequences, not people), I decided to walk home to get some fresh air and burn off some energy. And as I passed through the tree stand at 81st and Columbus, I took a deep breath, inhaling the pine in my nostrils, and thought, you know, life is pretty okay.


It’s finally Friday. I’ve had a bit of a busy week. Just one more super busy day until the weekend. And Monon. And brunch.

I’m always jealous of the blogs where people post like five things from their week that made their week great–it must be nice to have time to take all of those pics. This is the ONLY pic I took this week. Of the moon shining in my window at night. It’s the strangest thing to have MOONLIGHT IN ONE’S EYES. Especially in New York.

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Vermont is beautiful this time of year. I’m in this weird work cycle where all of the sudden I am travelling a lot. I know it will end in two weeks and then I won’t travel again for a year. But for now, it’s all go-go-go. So anyway, I went to Vermont this weekend to shoot something at a B & B in Hyde Park. I know, rough life. The drive was scenic, the air clean, the town quiet. I did not want to return to New York last night. And neither did Burlington–we had a three hour flight delay that began AFTER WE BOARDED.

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“With so much sky and so much river, you couldn’t help seeing the big picture. It was what you already knew, but crowding into the subway or rushing to a movie, you only saw it for a second, and close up. Now I took a good long look. I’d always heard you couldn’t see stars in Manhattan because of all the lights. But here they all were. Here was my night in shining armor.”

–Melissa Bank, The Wonder Spot

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Ahh the weekend. Saturday was a little muggy. But I had a delightful dinner in Soho with two delightful friends. We drank champagne sangria, ate pizza, and gasped loudly when we discovered that one friend did not have an American Girl doll growing up.

And Sunday, the weather was humidity-free. I got a slight farmer’s sunburn watching the second half of a little league game with a friend. I may have gotten way into it and caught myself cheering. Loudly. And then we were late meeting another friend for brunch in Tribecca. But while she sat tapping her foot waiting for us, Heidi Klum walked by–so I didn’t feel that bad about being late.

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