Well hello there. I’m back after a lovely week and a half escape from life in St. Louis with my family. You can, as always, see an insight into our shenanigans here. Mostly, we ate at our favorite restaurants and drank wine. We did some shopping. And when it wasn’t an arctic tundra, we walked around the neighborhood. I napped a lot.

And now, I’m back in New York. In this new year, I’m going to simplify–read more, think┬ámore, and try not to worry so much. We’ll see how it goes!

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There are very few days when I can say that I love New York (she can be quite the bitca). However,┬áthe Wednesday before Thanksgiving is one of my favorite days in the city. Because the balloons for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade get inflated AROUND THE CORNER FROM MY APARTMENT.

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I like going to church. But my church is all the way downtown at Union Square. To get there requires transferring on the subway. And you know how I feel about that–transfers are to be avoided along with overcrowded subway cars and the 4,5,6. Like most things in New York, though, sometimes you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. So, many Sunday mornings, I try to get up and hoof it downtown to lovely Grace Church. Sometimes, sometimes, I can’t help feeling that subway (and New York) conspires against me.

This Sunday morning, for example, I got up made, myself presentable, and walked out of my building ready to face the C Train and all of its clanky, dirty, reliable angst. The sun was shining. There was a crisp chill in the air. The sky was that deep blue that only happens in the Fall. “Oh what a beautiful morning…” I hummed. And then I got underground and noticed a sign that said NO DOWNTOWN C TRAINS AT THIS STATION THIS WEEKEND.

My brain did that clicking thing where you can actually feel it computing a response. There were no downtown trains between 125 and 59th all weekend. Seriously. I wasn’t going to go home (I’d gotten dressed AND put makeup on) and I wasn’t going to take a cab all the way downtown. So, I climbed back up the steps of the subway station and raced all the way from Central Park West to Broadway and took the 1 to 14th. Then I raced from 7th Avenue to Broadway (again) and made it to church as the bells were ringing.

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I’m sure you heard on the local news (and the national news) that it is snowing along the East Coast. It was unpleasant to walk home last night–but this morning–it was beautiful! Of course, there was not as much snow as anticipated (Meteorologists would make very good middle schoolers), but still lovely. New York in the snow is so pretty. The snow makes everything quieter. And the white makes it seem cleaner.

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Anyway, I got up and took a brisk walk through Central Park. I was basking in the cold air and the shrieks of children sledding when I heard a father say incredulously, “All this sledding and no head gear!” #newyorkproblems


My dear sister Susie came to visit this weekend. We had a lovely time galavanting all over New York. We traversed the subways to go to DUMBO to visit a Publishing House–only to discover they are closed on Saturday. Quelle sigh. Then we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge–where we found ourselves going against the flow of traffic even though our view was much better. Quelle strange. We also walked all over Central Park in the sun.


Thanks for visiting, Susie!