“I laughed with him, but the first snow had just begun to fall and big Christmas trees glittered yellow and white as far as I could see up Park Avenue and I had a new dress and it would be a long while before I would come to understand the particular moral of the story.”

–Joan Didion


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Well, 2013 is nearly over. It wasn’t an unpleasant year. I did plenty of fun things–I went to Florida twice, was a bridesmaid in a dear friend’s weddingtravelled to St. Louis, and my mom came to visit me. I covered a lot of breaking news and drank a lot of Diet Coke. I also ate many yummy brunches and walked all over New York City. And my apartment has come a long way in the decorating department.


And, of course, I had a lovely Christmast, at home in St. Louis. Normally, when I go home I sleep and eat and let my mom drive me all over town. This year, we had so many social engagements (we’re popular these days) and I was just busy, busy, busy. Now, I’m back in New York and back at work. And I think I’m ready to face a new year!