With the Olympics finally over and the Oscars on Sunday, we’ve been promo-ing Oscar coverage like crazy at work this week. And yesterday was “Frozen” day at my little place of employment. Have you heard the Oscar-nominated song “Let it Go”? Well, I heard it. About 100 times. And it is stuck in my head. As Disney songs are wont to do.

But here’s the thing. I think it is SO WEIRD that little girls are going around singing this song about letting go of “the fears that once controlled me.” What do little girls have to let go? Shouldn’t it be like “The snowflakes are pretty and so am I?” I mean, I get that it is that about belting the song that hits those notes that made Wicked popular and not the words–but still, I find it bothersome. Anyway, I’ve posted the sing-along version of the song below.

And you can watch our piece about the phenom and the songwriters who wrote it in Park Slope (barf). And it features David Wright’s cute kids.

Also, what’s a frozen fractal?