It has been quite the week. And I have quite the weekend planned. And a quick trip to DC next week. So, with that in mind, I offer some links (I have a lot because I didn’t do a Friday post, last week).


–I was way harsh about the cast this season, but the past weren’t much better.

–Looking at the real estate section is always a mistake, but I’ll take it! Also, isn’t that Tay Tay’s building?

This is why I have a cable.

–I want a good suburban Target in my life.

–And finally, which are you? I got Tina, but I’d rather be an Amy.


Well, I survived the snow, somehow. I’m so tired of people complaining about the weather. Spring is on the horizon–but like, March isn’t INSTANT SPRING. And in no time, people will be complaining about how HOT and miserable everything is. [END RANT] Okay, but for reals, I’m happy it is Friday (as always) and this week wasn’t too miserable. Well, it might have been, but I’ve already successfully blocked it from my memory. And now I just have to get through one more work day and then it is on to the weekend.

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And here are some things I found interesting on the interwebs this week:

–Some of these are kind of dated, but I’m totally going to start noting floorcore.

–This is super depressing. But not unexpected.

–I did not do as well on this as you’d imagine.

–And DUH.


Another Friday, another week mercifully coming to a close. It’s all good, though. I’m going to see my cousin Ellen this weekend. We’re going to Jacob’s Pickles–which is reason for celebration on its own. I’m hoping to get some deep cleaning in and maybe do some purging in the clothing department. Clearly, I lead an exciting life.


And here are some this and that treats:

–I like Chan’s house. I hope they have a good interior designer.

–Hi diddly ho, neighborino.

–I would say, Step 1 is having an apartment big enough to invite people over.

–And because one Simpsons reference is never enough, I got Hans Moleman.


That might be an exaggeration–but it is to say that this was quelle week. And by quelle week I mean pretty disaster-filled. Oh well. You know, we do the best we can. I will watch the Oscars on Sunday in my quiet apartment (I really hope band practice is NOT going on next door) with some dips and lots of wine. And I will run six miles this weekend. And celebrate my friend Kinga’s birthday. Sounds lovely.


And here are some random, interesting things:

–I watched The Philadelphia Story last weekend and just read the quotes. They’ll make your day better. #unexpecteddepth

–I love this.

–#nokindles is my favorite part.

–I like these pics. Owls are kind of bizarre.


This week, you guys. This week was a bit brutal. I’ve almost survived–all that stands between me and a weekend alone is a full work day on Friday the 13th. I’m keeping my chin up. On an unrelated note, but in a similar vein, a couple of months ago, I unsubscribed from many, many annoying daily junk emails that I never read. I enjoyed a few blissful months of only getting emails from places I shop. Suddenly, though, my unsubcribes seem to have nullified and my inbox overflows with junk mail again. What’s up with this? I blame Congress.

Anyway, thanks to my pal Jenny for the Valentine below. My two great loves. Fries & tots, indeed.

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And here are some things from around the interwebs that interested me this week:

If you have a cool $28 mil, you can have Joan Rivers’ UES apartment. It’s pretty amaze.

These made me laugh. Way too much.

And this is pretty.


If we’re being overly dramatic about this standard-issue winter weather (as everyone seems to be), it’s an arctic blast outside. But, really, it is just cold, dreary February business. As always, I’m keeping things low-key (or minimalist as is more trendy) this weekend. I am running a quick little 5k in Riverside Park on Saturday morning (hope I’m not at work super late tonight!) which should be fun and will get my day started nice and early.


And, as is my new Friday tradition, here are some things that might be interesting.

This whole business is crazy to me.

I will take this house and add some nice things.

I laughed so hard when I read this.

And I may get out the baking supplies and make these, this weekend.