Well, the nice thing about Jury Duty is that I was up early enough to watch the BIG reveal of the new cast of Dancing with the Stars. It’s an intriguing group–of course, the key elements are there: professional athletes, Disney Channel stars, reality TV stars etc. But there are some surprises as well.


Naturally, I have some thoughts!

–There is no super model this season–so who will get kicked off first?? Bill Engval will likely go home early–I’d put my money on Jack Osborne, too–but his partner is Cheryl–and she’s a fan favorite.
–The guy from Pretty Little Liars must have an excellent agent because that kid didn’t even appear in the last season of the show! He also has a good partner–so it’ll be interesting to see how long he lasts. I hope he isn’t too cool to dance well.
–I hope Jessie Spano doesn’t get too excited before her first performance.
–Having a patient with TERMINAL CANCER is a new one–but I will be rooting for my girl Rhoda–and so will everyone else, I’m sure.
–Snooki, eh.
–Corbin Bleu is not aging well.
–Christina Milian will be the excellent dancer because she is basically a professional dancer.

Anyway, I hope Monday’s at work aren’t busy for the next few weeks–DWTS nights are my favorite!