Those around me know that I’ve been cutting back on my Diet Coke intake. I eliminated my afternoon Diet Coke. The one I bought at the magazine stand outside my office. Well today, with all of its breaking news-iness, I decided I deserved an afternoon Diet Coke. And so I bought one.

Me to the magazine stand man: Can I please have a can of Diet Coke?
The magazine stand man to me: Long time no see, Missy!

I laughed.

photo (3)


I have been so busy today–setting up lights, cameras and dealing with action that I couldn’t come up with a tidbit. I seriously utilized my TV Production 101 skills today. Like whoa. Thanks, DePauw!

photo (9)

And then, this happened. Diet Coke and I had an exchange via the twitters. And then it declared its love for two Diet Coke-loving sisters.



I won’t get into it. But just know that my life is a series of the same things happening over and over again, just in costumes, so I’m surprised each time it happens again. It is seriously like life’s lessons dress up like Mickey Mouse one time and then the next time I run into them, they look like a grizzly bear. Well, this doesn’t make sense anymore, but the point is, I’m in a bad mood. At least I have these tokens of affection that nice people at work left on my desk for me.

photo (8)