I had a particularly delightful weekend–and I didn’t even do that much AND I had to go to work! On Thanksgiving, I got up early and trekked down to 66th Street to watch the parade from a work colleague’s parent’s Central Park West apartment. You know how I feel about parades. And to watch from the 6th floor (AKA balloon height) was just awesome.

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I mean how ridiculous is that? I had to socialize like a normal person so I missed some of the parade–but eventually I went into full shove-the-little-kids-out-of-the-way mode to get a front row view. Also, Mrs. Rosenbaum kept filling our mimosa classes with champagne so that eventually I was just drinking straight champagne–no OJ. That is a hostess!

ABC News nerds.
ABC News nerds.

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And then on Saturday, I got out my ornaments and bought a tree–at the tree stand outside my apartment! I just carried it inside and up the stairs. How lovely!!

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I love the way my Christmas Tree brightens up my little apartment. It is so cheery and my ornaments so cute.


What a lovely, lovely weekend. Friday, I hiked all over the UWS in search of a tree–finally settling on one at the tree stand across the street. I had some friends over for a little tree-trimming party and champagne punch on Saturday night. The tree is a delight.

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And it’s Advent, again. My favorite church season. The best hymns. And I like the reminder to wake up and be aware. It’s easy to forget–especially among the hustle and bustle of New York and holiday shopping and overflowing inboxes. So anyway, happy Advent!