Well, it isn’t really a secret–but it certainly isn’t as overrun with tourists as say, the rest of the park. Anyway, on Sunday afternoon, I trekked across Central Park and up to the entrance of the Conservatory Garden at 102nd–it is in the hilly section of the park, so I got a bit of a workout! As a designated “Quiet Zone” this garden is beautiful and peaceful–and doesn’t feel a bit like being in New York.

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I plan to return with a book! And thanks to Juju Chang who told me about this lovely NYC gem.


There was a nice breeze blowing this morning and a little sunshine, so I took a walk around the reservoir in Central Park. I like this walk–it is shady–and long–and the gravel under my feed makes a nice sound. Today, the with the sun shining, the water gently lapping, and seagulls cawing overhead, it almost felt like I wasn’t in Manhattan. I mean, until I looked up and all all of the skyscrapers in the distance.

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My dear sister Susie came to visit this weekend. We had a lovely time galavanting all over New York. We traversed the subways to go to DUMBO to visit a Publishing House–only to discover they are closed on Saturday. Quelle sigh. Then we walked across the Brooklyn Bridge–where we found ourselves going against the flow of traffic even though our view was much better. Quelle strange. We also walked all over Central Park in the sun.


Thanks for visiting, Susie!