I stumbled across this interesting article in Elle Decor (or on their website, rather) that listed 10 things everyone should have in their apartment before they turn 30. As my 30th birthday looms on the not-so-distant horizon, here’s a look at what I have in my apartment.

Here’s the list:

1) Art that you love. I’ve got this covered.


2) Organized bookshelf. This is an obvious one for me.


3) Matching towels. I have these–but my bathroom isn’t terribly photogenic.

4) A plant. I purchased one today! Let’s how long it lasts.


5) A nice headboard and mattress. I have a bed from Ikea–but I did buy a mattress last year! And they couldn’t fit the box spring up the stairs. So, not quite there yet. But on my way!

6) A collection. Duh. Blue and white china.



7) Bathroom accessories that aren’t plastic. I’m not there yet–quelle embarrassing.

8) Favorite candle. I love candles–so, yes, this is covered.


9) Two bedside tables. I’m amending this to ONE because I live in a studio apartment in New York City. Covered.

10) A luxurious throw. I have a pretty throw–but I don’t know that I’d classify it as luxurious. I’ll add that to my list.


So, I’m not in bad shape–but I think it is good to take stock of what you have–and to think about bigger purchases for the future. Or what to ask for for your birthday. Ahem.


I’ve been saying for a quite awhile, “someday when I get promoted, I’m going to get [FILL IN THE BLANK}.” Well, you guys, it finally happened. I got promoted. And with my new job title, and pay increase, I went out this weekend, armed with my credit card, and finally bought a coffee table. And had it delivered that afternoon. I felt tres grown up.

photo (10)

And let me tell you, it is quite a treat having a SURFACE on which to eat, and place things. No longer will have to perilously balance my plates of food while cutting. No longer will my stacks of magazines reside on the floor. And boy does my apartment feel like it is all coming together. Finally. And doesn’t it look nice?