People have really been making me crazy, lately. Twitter is a total trigger for me. Like, I can’t even go on it–which makes me feel very cut off from knowing what is going on–but also much more calm. Dilemma!! Regardless, I’m off for a four-day weekend in Denver tomorrow to celebrate my dear friend Liz’s wedding. It will be a busy weekend–the bridal party received a production schedule that begins at 6p on Friday night and wraps after brunch on Monday morning. I love it. I’m excited to see old friends (and spend a lot of time with New York friends that I never see) and of course to toast Liz and Brenton. Let’s raise a glass!



New York was a slushy mess this weekend. I had a ton of errands to run on Sunday and, of course, OF COURSE, it was sleeting. I still accomplished what I set out to do–but I did not look my best. I also watched at least 4 of the Lori Loughlin Garage Sale Murder mystery movies on Hallmark Movies & Murders channel. Yes, that’s a thing. As with most things I enjoy these days, the movies aren’t very good, but they are a pleasant escape. And now it is Monday again–a short week for me–I’ve got mad packing and planning to do for my trip to Denver on Friday.



Aside from being forced to go into work when the Mayor said to stay indoors, I maintained a pretty positive attitude this week. It must be the green smoothies. I had a shoot with a duck, a former co-worker, and I turned a contentious interview into comedy. High fives all around. Next week, I travel to Denver for my dear friend Liz’s wedding–so I’m keeping this weekend low key. I need to think carefully about packing and I’m in desperate need of a trip to the eyebrow threading place. Like I said, high fives all around.



Because I work for a company with managers who’ve never managed before, I had to go to work on this snowy, snowy day. Being the dutiful employee that I am, I trudged through the snow to the subway and then magically emerged in my place of employment (my building connects to Rock Center through a maze of strange but handy tunnels) ON TIME and with my morning green smoothie. Feast your eyes on a pretty snowfall in NYC (before it turns into sludge in a few hours). xo.







“Another moment I have always remembered was walking out on deck one night after supper and finding a young red-haired officer peering into the dark through binoculars. He told me he was scanning the horizon for signs of other ships, and the best way to do that, he explained, was to look not at the horizon but just above it. He said you could see better that way than by looking straight on, and I have found it to be an invaluable truth in many ways. Listen not just to the words being spoken but to the silences between the words, and watch not just the drama unfolding on the stage, but the faces all around you watching it unfold.”

–Frederick Buechner, Wunderjahr