“Another moment I have always remembered was walking out on deck one night after supper and finding a young red-haired officer peering into the dark through binoculars. He told me he was scanning the horizon for signs of other ships, and the best way to do that, he explained, was to look not at the horizon but just above it. He said you could see better that way than by looking straight on, and I have found it to be an invaluable truth in many ways. Listen not just to the words being spoken but to the silences between the words, and watch not just the drama unfolding on the stage, but the faces all around you watching it unfold.”

–Frederick Buechner, Wunderjahr


I ventured to New Jersey for a Super Bowl party tonight (I left after half-time) and on the trek there and back, I listened to back episodes of Alec Baldwin’s podcast “Here’s the Thing.” It really wiles away the time on the subway. Anyway, I unintentionally chose interviews with two Canadians! Robbie Robertson and Gordon Lightfoot–two interesting guys (and friends with Bob Dylan).


The funny thing about Alec as a host/interviewer is that he clearly goes in thinking his guest will be a certain way–and, in the case of Gordon Lightfoot, he was surprised that he’s just a regular guy who writes songs and sings them. I think Alec thinks there is some secret to being a great artist and he interviews as if he is pumping his guest for that secret. But the great artists have a gift that clearly comes from elsewhere–that is, there is no secret. Is The Last Waltz still on Netflix? I’m going to watch it this week.



Things that brought me great joy this week:

–The Lumineers concert was so good. It was everything I knew it would be–lots of loudly singing along and foot stomping and hand clapping. I smiled like a big dork through the entire thing.

–I spent Sunday with my friend Liz who was in town visiting before her wedding in two weeks! It was a delight to see her and gab for several hours.

–I am reading Frederick Buechner’s The Yellow Leaves and boy is it good.

–I’m looking forward to doing some running this weekend and then some dip eating during the Super Bowl (Go Falcons!)



I’m going to see the Lumineers at Madison Square Garden tonight. I know. Ever since my sister gave my mother their first album for Christmas and we spent the next 10 days listening to it on repeat I’ve wanted to see them in concert. I’ve never been to MSG, so I’m excited for that experience, as well. I heard “Ophelia” in Trader Joe’s tonight and for those 2 minutes and 40 seconds I enjoyed being in that store where the check out line begins at the entrance. I’ll report back on Friday.



I set my DVR for Riverdale last week and finally got around to watching it tonight. And it is terrible in a delightful way. The characters are based on the Archie comics–but the plot is basically Pretty Little Liars meets 90210 meets Archie. I am so glad that the CW has a new age-inappropriate show for me to look forward to each week. Also, Luke Perry is in it. So, duh.



Over Christmas, my family ventured to the St. Louis Art Museum to see the ‘Conflicts of Interest: Art and War in Modern Japan’ exhibit. As a fan of Japanese art, I enjoyed the exhibit immensely. The gift shop, on the other hand, was a disapointment. I did, however, get a Dover book of Japanese Art Print stickers which I left at home and my mother sent to me last week. Long story short, I just love these prints.








Don’t you just love this image? I lifted it from the New York Times. The article, ironically, is about mindfulness. I say ironically because the New York Times has the opposite effect on me. I’m working on my mindfulness by giving up Twitter and Facebook for awhile. I need fewer triggers in my life.

Thus, my new Friday series is going focus on things that bring me great joy during the week. So here goes Week 1:

–I’ve started making a green smoothie each morning and drinking it on the bus–I feel very basic but I don’t really mind

–I also discovered the Alec Baldwin radio show podcast on WNYC and it is the best for listening to while torturing running on the treadmill

–I reread I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron this week and, of course, enjoyed it–especially when she writes about my beloved UWS

–My mother sent this article to my sister and me earlier this week and I just about died laughing–my favorite is Julia’s takedown of the woman who called Suzanne fat–I need to channel my inner Julia Sugarbaker on the daily


I first discovered Mary Richards and the Mary Tyler Moore Show on ‘Mary Mondays’ on old school Nick-at-Night. Like many girls/women/ladies who watched that show, Mary became a sort of idol. She was so nice and pretty and hardworking. And unlike news producers often portrayed on television today, she wasn’t cutthroat and overtly sexy. Mary was a lady. And the men in her office still respected her. Imagine that. When I (finally) got promoted to Associate Producer at Nightline my mother said, “Just like the Mary Tyler Moore Show!” And when I got sent to Minneapolis for work, I got up super early to pay homage at the Mary Tyler Moore statue. I blinked in my photo and wore an embarrassing outfit because I am, much to my chagrin and despite my best efforts, really more of a Rhoda.


Anyway, I toasted my original homegirl, Mary Richards (and Mary Tyler Moore) tonight–and tomorrow, I’ll try to turn the world on with my smile.



I watched Charade on Saturday night–and boy what a treat! The style in that movie is so great–from the mod opening credits to Audrey’s costume to Paris and Cary Grant’s costumes. Of course, the plot is thrilling too–even when you’ve seen it many times.