And spent the better part of yesterday in bed watching a Law & Order marathon on Ion Television. My to-do list has overwhelmed me, lately–and this really forced me to just be still (literally). It was painful, but also restful.

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Anyway, isn’t this illustration just lovely? You can see more on the artist’s instagram.


I got back from beautiful Key West late Sunday night (hence no Monday post). I had a delightful time visiting the southernmost tip of the continental United States. The weather was divine–warm enough to sunbathe and float in the pool, but cool enough to not work up a sweat when walking. As someone who grew up in the midwest, I cannot help but exclaim “Look! The ocean!” when I see it–ha, but really.


I also visited Ernest Hemingway’s Key West home. While I was not impressed with the museum elements, I found the house itself just lovely. I’m a sucker for old Florida palm trees and big porches and pineapples. Just perfect.

Had I had a day or two more, I would have done more sightseeing–but since I was there for Peter’s Big Gay Bachelor Party, I enjoyed the pool and restaurant/bar scene. We went on a sunset sail–that was almost done in by some ominous storms out at sea. We drank many margaritas, ate many fish tacos (maybe just me),  and had lots of fun. You can see more pics on my instagram.


I’m typing this before dashing off to the airport (again) for a weekend trip to Key West to celebrate my dear friend Peter’s birthday and bachelor party. It could potentially be a wild weekend. But, I’m hoping to keep it pretty tame. I’m excited for some sunshine and palm trees and a trip to this house. xo.


And a couple of real estate items I gathered around the internet this week:

–I found this article and slideshow very interesting.

–Could this apartment/loft be anymore Gwyneth Paltrow?!

–And OMG I want to live on this street.



I tell you, this computer makes it very difficult to write a blog post–it gets very cranky and then I have to make sure to breathe or I get so irrationally irritated that I risk slamming it shut and stomping around. That being said, I’ve gathered some things that brought me joy this week–because that is what we all need to focus on–finding joy in our lives.

–My friend Jenn and I are going to see this exhibit tonight.

–It’s very strange, but they put a new statue in by Lincoln Center and it looks just like me!

–I’m glad there is now scientific evidence to back up my hatred of the open workspace in my office. I’d offer to sell my soul for an office, but I don’t think my employer is interested.

–And how cute are these shoes?






I feel betrayed by the social medias that it wasn’t until I was at home last night that I learned it was National Margarita Day (which I guess isn’t Cinco de Mayo). Sigh. I didn’t have a marg last night. I did, however, begin reorganizing my life after the whirlwind that was my trip to Denver. I realized that I never took a pic with the bride (aside from this gem) and basically all of my pictures ended up on insta. It was a lovely, joyful weekend and I felt very #blessed to be a part of it.

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