“Talk to yourself about your own life, about what you’ve done and what you’d failed to do, and about who you are and who you wish you were and who the people you love are and the people you don’t love too. Talk to yourself about what matters most to you, because if you don’t, you may forget what matters most to you.”

–Frederick Buechner



Well, as I mentioned yesterday, I’m back in NYC. I’ve unpacked my suitcase. I hung my new shower curtain. The birthday presents are put away in their new spots. And I’m working on my new needlepoint project.


I had the most wonderful time in St. Louis. My mother and I indulged in margaritas (twice!), walked all over town, went to estate sales, went to the zoo, mosied around Target, and saw my brother and his lovely wife. It was just the best. You can see more pics to the right!


Fingers crossed I make it St. Louis this afternoon. I need a break. And I need one badly.


I’ve collected some good links for you this week. Enjoy!

–I bet these are nice retreat for the summer.

–I love the commentary re each clip in this article. The videos are pretty ridiculous. Although, I can’t believe creating those is someone’s job.

UWS police activity.

These are cool pictures!

–And I really loved everything in this interview (even if I’d heard most of it before).


I ventured to Greenpoint, Brooklyn on Saturday to see my friend Jenn. I had to transfer TWICE to get there–but it was well worth the trek. We went to the most Brooklyn place I’ve ever seen–a bar on a barge on the East River. It was a warm evening but there was a nice breeze from the river. And check out the view.

Image (11)

On Sunday, I got up early (the best feeling) and cleaned my apartment and ran some errands. And then I watched some of the Law & Orders I have saved in my DVR. I love the early 90s episodes–the crimes are the same, but the city is so different!