Well, we made it to Friday. Yesterday, work ended with, no joke, a DJ and a happy hour at work. So that happened. Despite starting the week on a juice cleanse, I found myself even more of a New Yorker when I took the SUBWAY TO WORK DURING RUSH HOUR. Woof. I got off at the Rockefeller Center stop (which, incidentally, was my stop when I interned 1o years ago–I don’t think the station has been cleaned in those 10 years) and when I emerged from beneath the ground, I felt like That Girl (minus the cute outfits and hair flip) looking up at the buildings. In midtown, you only  need sunglasses to cross the street. It’s so bizarre. Anyway, I’m settling into the new office and greatly looking forward to my weekend. I’ve got few plans and I’m hoping to just chill and make some dips and watch the Emmys alone. xo.



Yes, I finished my juice cleanse. I will not be unhappy if I never drink another juice again. I’m sipping a Diet Coke as a I write this and eating breakfast. I will say that I feel cleansed and I’m looking forward to whatever leafy greens I get for lunch. At work today, we leave the beautiful Hearst building and head to the much less glam Time-Life Building in further midtown. I’m bummed. It’s all part of some large corporate merger thing that is way above my pay grade. I’ll miss the cafeteria most of all.



Guys, I had the best extended birthday weeks. I had my weekend at home in St. Louis that was so lovely and wonderful. And then a weekend in New York with Susie that was also lovely and wonderful. On Friday night, we continued a Compton Ladies tradition–margs and tacos at the neighborhood mexican restaurant. We than stayed up late GABBING away. We got up super early on Saturday, though, to venture down to the southernmost tip of Manhattan to catch the ferry to Governor’s Island. The subway was being a total bitca but we made it. And Governor’s Island did NOT disappoint.


It was a thousand degrees and very sunny (and very sweaty) but we persevered. We rode bikes and walked all over and climbed some man-made hills to get to that view. Can you handle it? On Sunday, we again ventured on the subway to get to brunch near Tribeca. It was so good. We treated ourselves to birthday mimosas and dishes with avocados. In the afternoon, some friends of mine gathered at my favorite neighborhood bar, Joe’s, for some happy hour drinks and chatting. I got delightful presents and felt very special. It was a delightful weekend and I feel very grateful and hashtag blessed.


The only antidote to the inevitable sads that follow the end of a trip home is the promise of something fun the next weekend. And, as it is my birthday weekend, Susie is coming up to New York to gallivant around town. I hope to venture to Governor’s Island but it is supposed to be 90 degrees tomorrow (I thought we were past this, New York) so we’ll see. Be sure to check our instagrams and insta-stories this weekend to keep up on the fun!


And here are some fun things from the internet this week.

–Pardon the french, but this really made me laugh.

–There’s a part of me that both loves and hates when people take The Simpsons so seriously.

–And I clicked on this hoping for something much cooler.





“Talk to yourself about your own life, about what you’ve done and what you’d failed to do, and about who you are and who you wish you were and who the people you love are and the people you don’t love too. Talk to yourself about what matters most to you, because if you don’t, you may forget what matters most to you.”

–Frederick Buechner