After two very social weekends, I decided to take it easy. I made no plans. And despite the beautiful weather, didn’t really move that much from my apartment. I went to Zabar’s on Saturday and picked up some treats–cheese and french bread. It was hopping–and felt a bit like this (although I did not erroneously pick a cash only line.)

I went to church on Sunday–where I was punished for not attending in recent weeks because I did not know it was CONFIRMATION SUNDAY. Seriously, why does this happen to me? Luckily, there were only 5 confirmands–but one of the bishop’s stooges was there (I guess 5 confirmands doesn’t warrant a full visit) and he carried his staff and the poor acolytes didn’t know what to do with it.

The most exciting thing I did was stop in at the Strand–I found this great American Songbook among the bargain books. I think my mom has one. It has this great artwork in it–and if you ever need to know the words to old timey songs, I’ve got the book!

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