Let me preface this little tale by saying that milk grosses me out. I used to drink a glass every night at dinner. Then I went to college. Suddenly, I could barely stand to look at in a glass–and don’t even get me started on the crying/gagging that occurs when someone spills milk. I will, however, tolerate it on cereal–but only because there is nothing better than ice cold 2% milk on cheerios in the morning. I am, as a result, always super careful about checking the date on milk bottles because I don’t want to deal with the disposal of spoiled milk.

Well, this morning something unfortunate happened. I poured my Trader Joe’s Os into a bowl, opened the refrigerator door, grabbed the milk, checked the date–March 9, 2012–and poured some into my bowl. As this blurry-eyed routine ensued, I noticed a weird glurg glurg noise. And that was when I realized how horribly spoiled and lumpy the milk was. I dealt with it because I am a grown up, afterall, but oh, that is going to leave a scar.