A brief break, mind you, to traverse state lines to attend the wedding of a lovely co-worker of mine near the Pennsylvania border. Seriously, the wedding was in Pennsylvania and the reception in New York. Crossing state lines!

photo (71)

I told the bride, Kinga, that I kept expecting to see movie stars around–because she looked like one!

My phone decided it was too full to take pictures at the reception but know that it was lovely. There were mountains in the backdrop and lots of lush greenery. There was a photo booth. Kinga used to be a competitive ballroom dancer and, as such, her old dancing partners were there. One of them wanted to dance with me and I was all “I only know what I learned in Cotillion–and learned and know are loose terms.” And then he threw me around the dance floor and suddenly I got how they do it on Dancing with the Stars. It was crazy.

And then on Sunday, back in Manhattan, while carrying home my McDonalds to cure my hangover, I ran into a former co-worker who now lives in Miami. Because, of course, in a city of 8 million people, that happens.