I had a lovely weekend. I took no pictures. I went to a baby shower. I celebrated the end of an era as a friend gets ready to bid New York adieu. I lounged. I ate. I drank a lot of champagne.

And then I watched the Golden Globes. And I’m sorry. Tina and Amy were lovely. Energetic. Bright. Amusing. There wasn’t enough of them. The rest of the broadcast felt boring, heavy, and just overwrought. Luckily, I had my mother to text with and who, for the most part, feels as I do. But, boy that broadcast. Hollywood is so proud of itself. And so is cable. Network TV has my main ladies, Tina and Amy. And other solid broadcasts like Nashville, NCIS, everything on the CW, and the oddly amusing The Neighbors. And Ron Swanson. And thank goodness for that.