When I’ve just run 13.1 miles.


Yes, I ran the New York City Half Marathon yesterday. I was irresponsible and did not train well–which made the first 10 miles fun–and the last 3.1 rather tortuous. That being said, it was a fun course–we looped Central Park (and started at the bottom of my least favorite hill) and then exited the park at 59th and ran down 7th Avenue through Times Square (which was very cool, had a big crowd, and felt festive), and then over to the West Side Highway where the torture began. It was all the way down the highway for about 4 miles until we reached Battery Park and ran through a tunnel (no thank you) and up into the sunshine (shadows) of Wall Street. Thankfully, I had two friends who cheered for me in Central Park and met me at the finish line and shepherded me onto the subway and to brunch.