Well, I survived the snow, somehow. I’m so tired of people complaining about the weather. Spring is on the horizon–but like, March isn’t INSTANT SPRING. And in no time, people will be complaining about how HOT and miserable everything is. [END RANT] Okay, but for reals, I’m happy it is Friday (as always) and this week wasn’t too miserable. Well, it might have been, but I’ve already successfully blocked it from my memory. And now I just have to get through one more work day and then it is on to the weekend.

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And here are some things I found interesting on the interwebs this week:

–Some of these are kind of dated, but I’m totally going to start noting floorcore.

–This is super depressing. But not unexpected.

–I did not do as well on this as you’d imagine.

–And DUH.