Well, we made it to Friday. Yesterday, work ended with, no joke, a DJ and a happy hour at work. So that happened. Despite starting the week on a juice cleanse, I found myself even more of a New Yorker when I took the SUBWAY TO WORK DURING RUSH HOUR. Woof. I got off at the Rockefeller Center stop (which, incidentally, was my stop when I interned 1o years ago–I don’t think the station has been cleaned in those 10 years) and when I emerged from beneath the ground, I felt like That Girl¬†(minus the cute outfits and hair flip) looking up at the buildings. In midtown, you only ¬†need sunglasses to cross the street. It’s so bizarre. Anyway, I’m settling into the new office and greatly looking forward to my weekend. I’ve got few plans and I’m hoping to just chill and make some dips and watch the Emmys alone. xo.