I leave for St. Louis tomorrow. To say that work has been crazy lately would be putting it lightly. But let me tell you, despite the list of things I have to do today (get my nails done, pick up my laundry, drink diet coke, pack–I lead a rough life), the first thing I did was sit down and watch the series finale of Gossip Girl.

And spoiler alert–we now know that DAN HUMPHREYS is Gossip Girl. Whatever. I loved all of the cameos–mostly because it was hilarious to see that almost ALL OF THEM were people who now have roles on other CW shows. And Rachel Bilson was hilarious.

gossip girl finale

I will admit that I’m a tad sad to see the show go. I love glimpsing into the world of New York of which I take no part–that of people with spacious apartments and expensive wallpaper. Oh well. I’m sure something will come along to replace it.