As I noted on Thursday, my lovely mother came to visit this weekend. Being the ladies that we are, we enjoyed many drinks.

We walked all over the city. All over. Our poor little feet are so tired. And we enjoyed the most beautiful weather New York City has seen in quite some time.

Most nights we ate dainty, little meals. One night, though, we gorged. And thought we saw Steve Martin. “I can’t believe this is happening,” my mother thought. But then we realized it was just a doppleganger. Quelle disappointment!

We traipsed all over–on a bus, under an arch, and up in the balcony at ABC. What an adventurer!

And, of course, being the devoted Mother-Daughter pair that we are, we wore matching hipster prints to Brooklyn and matching Toms.

And at the Met, we encountered a bunch of statues who totally understand a problem I have with my dresses ALL THE TIME.