Ughhh. I just accidentally binge-watched all six episodes of The Jinx–HBO’s docu-series about Robert Durst–in less than 24 hours. It’s like the podcast Serial but obviously visual. I never got into Serial (mostly because I didn’t know what to do while listening to a podcast), but The Jinx got me totally sucked in (plus we did a piece on it last week at work and I was totally confused) and now I’m creeped out. Sigh.

Despite this, I did have a lovely weekend. Saturday was rainy and gross and I cleaned my apartment in preparation for my brother’s visit later this week. I also ran 8 miles which nearly killed me. On Sunday, I had lunch with some lovely friends from Kirkwood and then finished cleaning. My hope is that a thin layer of dust won’t descend before Thursday.


Also, asking for a friend (that friend being myself), but what is the appropriate protocol for when someone who has defriended you on Facebook adds you on LinkedIn? Laughing all way to the IGNORE button, right?