I had grand plans for this weekend. And by that I mean, I had no real plans, so I hoped to just wander around various neighborhoods. But then I awoke to find it raining on Saturday morning and decided I’d rather bask in my diet coke and Saturday New York Times. When it dried up a little, I sauntered to what I call the Upper Upper West Side, to 100th street, where there is one block of suburban goodness. A TJ Maxx, a Michaels, a Homegoods, some sporting goods store, a Sephora, and a Whole Foods. In one block. Weird.

On Sunday, it was a sunny day, a lovely breeze, but the subway punished me and I endured several misadventures before finally making it to Grace Church. Seriously. And then I puttered around the pretty West Village, stopping to listen to a man playing Bob Dylan on a piano–it was like ragtime Bob Dylan. Don’t think twice, it’s all right.

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