While the weekdays have been gray and drab, this weekend rolled out the good weather. It seems the final stretch into summer has officially begun in Manhattan.

As such, I had a pretty delightful weekend (on top of watching Three Men and a Little Lady). On Saturday, I used my newly enhanced counter space to make Episcopal Souffle for a brunch in Central Park. After hauling it all the way over the East Side, I found my friends, and we found a lovely spot in the sun by the pond.

I think this is the most universally unflattering picture of all of us ever taken. Nonetheless, I include it because you get sense of our lovely spread. There was an aggressive group of three ducks that clearly wanted in on our party. This guy would not leave us alone.

On Sunday, I attended a bridal shower for an old work friend. We had champagne and finger sandwiches. And we played bridal shower games. I will admit that I hoped we would NOT play the toilet paper wedding dress game. But we did. And, though the photo does not highlight the extreme detailing that went into the dress, it does show the lovely model who wore and helped design the WINNING TOILET PAPER DRESS.

One note: Google+ absorbed the site I used to make collages of my photos for this blog. Since I do not want to upload all of my pictures to Google+, we will have to endure this arduous layout for the time being. Hopefully, I will find a new site soon.