This weekend was a little funny. I had a lovely brunch in Brooklyn. We waited nearly 1 1/2 hours for a table–don’t worry we walked around Cobble Hill and had coffee while we waited. Then we may have stalked the hostess from outside hoping she was dialing our number whenever people left. FINALLY, we were seated. And they gave us jelly donuts to apologize for the wait. Jelly donuts with a HUGE KNIFE.

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photo 1 (24)

And then I watched the baseball game and got so stressed out that I had to cover my eyes at the end of the game. On Sunday, I watched at home so I could change the channel when things got stressful. So mostly I just kept tabs on the game. OY.


But, of course, I was a little sad thinking about the lovely weekend I had in St. Louis LAST WEEK. Wah Wah. Luckily, I’ll see my mom again soon!