Well, it is Advent, my favorite of the church seasons. I love the mystery and hope of the season. Yesterday’s readings were particularly relevant to me–the message of being alert, but not afraid. This is currently the mantra of those living in New York–and one I take seriously.

Anywho, I had a delightful weekend. I worked Thursday and Friday–but we come in late on holidays, so it still felt like a long-ish weekend. I saw the parade up close and personally–Mariah Carey propped up on a stick, the balloons as big and special as ever, the marching bands, and, of course, Santa (I know him!).


I also decorated my tree with a few work friends. We drank punch and ate cheese and crackers and now I have a lovely, festive little tree in my apartment. And, because I was having people over, my apartment is all clean, which is always nice.