I’m not big on resolutions. I never get very far–like that year I resolved to live my life like a girl on the CW–all smiles and niceness. It lasted about two hours.

Instead, I started the year with a To Do list. And I’ve already begun crossing things off! Yesterday, I finally had my new/refurbished refrigerator delivered. After living for a YEAR with a fridge that barely kept my milk lukewarm, I called my apartment management company and begged/politely asked if I could have it replaced. 5 weeks later, the sketch delivery company brought one over. Literally on the back of a pick up truck. “Girl, this is an antique!” they told me of the old fridge. My new fridge actually keeps food and beverages cool and has a separate freezer. I am going to be able to store ice cream and more than one frozen dinner at a time. Consider my resolution accomplished.

photo (6)

And last weekend, I cleaned out the scary depths of under my sink and added a few plastic containers and some cute contact paper. Doesn’t it brighten it up considerably?!

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