It has been a week since my last post–but I must tell you, I’ve been so busy since I survived that tumultuous flight to Kirkwood. I’ve filled my time with trips to the grocery store, going to bed early, watching classic episodes of Buffy, eating, drinking wine, drinking Diet Coke, gazing at the lovely Christmas tree, taking walks around the neighborhood. Generally living my life as if I’m eighty years old. Just the way I like it.

xmas 5

xmas 11

xmas 12

xmas 13

As you can tell, Santa brought some lovely things. And I’ve been repping my two favorite places in my loungewear attire for days. I am a little concerned that I might, Regina George-style, have to wear sweatpants more than one day a week–because they’ll be all that fits!! No no, that is unlikely, but still. My mother is doing a good job indulging me.