If you follow me on instagram, you can surmise that I had a pretty quiet weekend. I had no plans and the subways weren’t exactly facilitating adventure/making plans, so I stayed at home on the UWS. I ate ice cream for dinner on Saturday. It was pretty amazing. On Sunday, I did manage to venture downtown using an uber pool to get to church. I arrived to find it was BAPTISM SUNDAY and 7 babies were being baptized. Oh well, it was a nice service–even if I was sitting behind a girl who had never been to church and didn’t know if she was baptized. I know this because she talked through most of the service and I can read lips. After making it uptown on the subway (oof), I settled in for a quiet afternoon of embroidery–and started and finished theĀ Elvis counted cross-stitch that my friend Jenn brought back from Graceland for me. I can’t wait to find a place for this gem in my tiny apartment.