Maybe it was my annoying neighbor’s dueling sound from next door, but last night’s season premiere of my favorite reality dancing competition, Dancing with the Stars, just did nothing for me. Actually, though my neighbor is incredibly annoying, it was the usual inconsistent judging that frustrated me. And the endless commercials. And Erin Andrews. WHY DO I LIKE THIS SHOW?!?!


The professional bull rider was cute. I wish the baseball player wasn’t a former CUB and RED SOX catcher (especially since they are clearly determined to have him make it pretty far since he’s the first baseball player ever and they clearly want more). Simone is destined to win. I love that one contestant is an actual former Beyonce backup dancer [EYEROLL EMOJI]. And another one is in an all-girl Destiny’s Child wannabe group. Poor Nancy Kerrigan is paired with Artem–can’t wait until the package where we see him make her cry–he always makes his partners cry. The Bachelor needs to go home soon–but probably has some sick fanbase. I could go on and on–I didn’t even mention the EIGHTS the judges gave to the football player. Or Chris Kattan’s hurtfully low scores that were totally unnecessary given everyone else’s overly high scores. See, I’m annoyed.

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