Don’t you just love this image? I lifted it from the New York Times. The article, ironically, is about mindfulness. I say ironically because the New York Times has the opposite effect on me. I’m working on my mindfulness by giving up Twitter and Facebook for awhile. I need fewer triggers in my life.

Thus, my new Friday series is going focus on things that bring me great joy during the week. So here goes Week 1:

–I’ve started making a green smoothie each morning and drinking it on the bus–I feel very basic but I don’t really mind

–I also discovered the Alec Baldwin radio show podcast on WNYC and it is the best for listening to while torturing running on the treadmill

–I reread I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron this week and, of course, enjoyed it–especially when she writes about my beloved UWS

–My mother sent this article to my sister and me earlier this week and I just about died laughing–my favorite is Julia’s takedown of the woman who called Suzanne fat–I need to channel my inner Julia Sugarbaker on the daily


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