So I guess it is Fall now (that was a joke about delayed season changes). But really, we’ve had some warm days lately–which makes traipsing around in tights a bit of a sweaty ordeal. ANYWAY, I’m feeling very cultured because I went to a book reading last night (it was an alumni event), tonight I’m going to a co-worker’s play (she promises it is good), and tomorrow I’m going to a WGA screening of Manchester By the Sea and a Q & A with writer/director Kenneth Lonergan. See, v cultured. I’m also looking forward to starting this on Sunday.


And a couple of things:

–Your weekly sigh.

–I’ll take several. And a sewing room.
–If I had a kitchen, I’d bake these.

Fixer Upper explained!

“The world is sunk in chaos, but if you want, you can spend an hour watching something go from bad to good, from messy to clean, from chaotic to peaceful. The possibility of it fills your batteries and allows you to continue. I watched the show long after I no longer had to.”

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