I guess it is November now. And with that, the spooky decorations and themes are gone, and the season of thankfulness and sales has begun. I had a frustrating day, compounded by a crowded subway ride home and a guy who, despite my repeated glaring, just didn’t realize his backpack was bumping me for 30 blocks. I’m trying to focus on some positives (I don’t want to grind my teeth tonight) so here’s a list of some things that bring me joy.


–blue and white china lamps

–face masks

–fine paper goods

–a tidy apartment

–a calendar that is full, but not too full

–stitching while watching Dancing with the Stars or Law & Order reruns

–when I get my contacts in and out in one try

–candles with a floral scent

–sheet protectors full of magazine spreads with pretty wallpaper in them

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