I had a whirlwind of a weekend! I skipped out of work early on Friday (!) and caught the train to College Park, MD (well, New Carrollton) and Susie picked me up. Susie’s fiance made margaritas (we had two rounds, so it got pretty lit) and fajitas and we gabbed until late in the night.

Saturday morning, Susie and Nate kindly drove me to Alexandria, Virginia where I met some friends for a lovely day celebrating Hallie’s birthday. We took the water taxi (our boat was named Miss Mallory) to Georgetown in DC for lunch. I’d never taken a boat tour of the Potomac and it was quite fun and a lovely view of the monuments etc. It was quelle hot, but the breeze was nice.

Image (2)

We lounged in Hallie’s rooftop pool (!) and drank margaritas in the afternoon. Seriously, it was a very relaxing day. Then we gorged on pizza and gabbed some more. It was just lovely.

On Sunday, I caught the DC Metro back to College Park–I crossed state lines and District lines–where Susie and I toodled around some suburbs before lounging in her apartment for more talking. I had the loveliest time seeing old friends and hanging with my dear sister. And now I’m back in New York and the temperature has dropped!

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